VolunteerKinetic is a volunteer management web solution that enables you to grow and nurture your volunteer community and to manage thousands of volunteers from one integrated dashboard. We have also developed solutions for clubs, accreditation, reporting and others that exist along side VolunteerKinetic for many of our customers.

We have talked many times about how great it would be if all our customers could access any of them, easily from one login and that’s exactly what we’re doing.



A volunteer management solution that makes it quick and easy to grow and nurture your volunteer community with excellent communication tools that enable you to manage thousands of volunteers.



Bring together the power of volunteering and membership in your club community. Clubs can manage their own club profile, promoting their club and expanding their potential membership. Your community gains easy access to the entire range of opportunities across your area. Volunteers help clubs grow and clubs help volunteers grow.



An accreditation system that lets you generate badges for your volunteers and other officials for major events. You can either create badges from events on opportunities on your database or create standalone membership for custom accreditation.



Generate an event webpage which describes the event, lists volunteer opportunities and allows you to make documents and images available for download by users. Your volunteer opportunities can be associated with these events or just create a stand alone event to publicise it to your community



InformKinetic gives you all the insight you need across your integrated hubs. Live reporting on the KPIs and metrics that are important to you in downloadable CSV format and visual reports online. Make informed decisions using accurate data collected automatically from across the TeamKinetic range.



Generate course and training information for your community to access including session information and downloadable materials. Courses are available to search by your community and you can create HourTrade vouchers to use to reduce the cost of training. Let your community know how they can improve their skills.

For our existing customers this is great news as they will have access to some new and improved tools and will be able to increase the scope and usefulness of TeamKinetic for them.

New customers will be able to pick and choose which aspects of TeamKinetic they want to use and manage the total cost of the solution by only taking those modules they require, but being able to expand with their programme when required.

Our new TeamKinetic offering is not just a re-positioning of our existing solutions, there are also improvements across the range to aid integration and make each component more flexible. There will also be new front ends so that your customers and volunteers can get the information they need.

Its going to be an exciting time for us and we’ll be writing about each module and step on the way to the release of TeamKinetic.