TeamKinetic are proud to announce we are now mobile! With the release of an iOS and Android App, volunteering has never been more accessible and easier.

Following our last annual volunteering conference, the demand to create a mobile app for volunteers has been high and at the forefront of our road map for development. Following some careful consideration TeamKinetic have developed the App and we are pleased to announce it is now available in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

To use the app, volunteers need to have previously registered online with an organisation’s volunteer website portal before being able to sign on. Registered volunteers are then able to search for opportunities from all providers that advertise on or use a TeamKinetic System via the app.

In a simple four step process volunteers can search for opportunities, log hours, leave feedback and edit personal details and much more:

  1. Register online via provider website (i.e MCRVIP)
  2. Download TeamKinetic App
  3. Sign In using login credentials
  4. Search and join volunteer opportunities

For those of you interested, we continue to explain the process and factors considered for designing the app below.

Why is the app not specific to an organisation?

It is technically very difficult to brand an application. It is not possible for us to upload a variant of the native application for every organisation. We have settled for a system wide app that will include branding details of the volunteers home organisation once they have logged in.

What is the best feature/s on the app?

Both the Android and iOS apps contain super convenient notification systems that alert a volunteer to any upcoming sessions right in their phones notification panel. These work whether the device as internet connectivity or not.

TeamKinetic App

Why do volunteers need to have previously registered online before using the system?

Our existing customers were nervous that users that find the app before registering with their local volunteering organisation would never realise the full potential of their local volunteer network, only being exposed to shared opportunities. For this reason, we decided that the application would be a companion app for existing users.

TeamKinetic App Screenshot

Any additional questions and answers you think may be relevant?

The app will be advertised to all users logging in through their home organisation when using a mobile device. In addition, we will be using regular notifications to let users know there is a mobile app available and adding a footnote to the weekly emails with download links.

We think that volunteers will find more opportunities and log more hours when they can search for opportunities whenever and wherever they are.

If you have any further questions or would like to find our more on TeamKinetic’s app or volunteer management software, please get in touch with one of our team.

0161 914 5757