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Park Champions newsletter


Our Park Champions celebrated!

Last Thursday, 6th October, we were delighted to host our annual celebration event at The Podium Bar & Kitchen.
It was a fantastic evening that enabled us to say thank you to you – the volunteers who have participated in a range of activities within our Park Champion programme over the past year. Over 110 Park Champions attended and we hope all enjoyed themselves.

2016 has been a fantastic year with volunteers racking up a huge 12,800 volunteer hours. There has been an array of volunteering opportunities from providing information, welcoming guests and delivering the park mobility service at the Information Point to supporting the vast number of events including West Ham United and London Lions matches, National Paralympic Day and Sport Relief. Not forgetting those who really got their hands dirty during the conservation and gardening programme.

Take a look at the news article on Our Parklife website here:

A selection of photos are available here:

Take a look at the news article in this week’s Newham Recorder on page 2:

We are now looking forward to another exciting year in 2017, with a number of major events coming up on the Park. From the IAAF World Championships and World ParaAthletics Championships to community and sports events to help connect local people to the Park, there is sure to be something for everybody to get involved with. Once again we will be running our hugely successful Park mobility service and there will be many new roles to come with new Park partners so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.


Congratulation to our Park Champions!

Once again we awarded gold, silver and bronze pin badges as a way of saying thank you for your enthusiasm, energy and dedication to the Park and our Park Champion programme.

Those that completed over 50 hours of volunteering were awarded with a bronze pin. For 100 hours of volunteering a silver pin was awarded and for an amazing 150 volunteer hours we awarded a gold pin.

If you are yet to achieve 50 hours do not worry as you still have until 31st December to claim your pin by racking up the hours – all those that have hit the required number of hours by this date will be awarded the pin. All hours will go back to zero on 1st January 2017.

A full list of the volunteers being awarded with pins to date is below, if you were unable to join us at the event last week please come to the Information Point when you are next on shift so that we can award you your pin.

Frank Scavera 736
Mark Orton 622.75
Sahidul Islam 401.5
Peter Barry 363.5
Keith Gabriel 359.25
Henry Mapperley 245
Graham Soames 227.25
Ricky Brown 203
Sarah Chapman 200.25
Edward Wingate 196.75
Olive Wenborn 187.75
Hilary Victor 183.5
Richard Darby 182.75
Lynn Barker 172
Catherine Ellis 149
Trudi Barnes 147.25
Pauline Djian 142
Viveca Dutt 140
Rohit Jobanputra 133.75
Janet Lowe 131.75
Anne Jennings 129.75
Brenda White 121.5
Christine Daniels 115.25
Jenny Marshall 112.5
Feras Al-hamadani 107
Jenni Hurme 99.5
Jacqui Gagan 98.75
Gillian Bourke 97.75
Clive Myers 94.5
Paul Harper 94.25
Alison Richmond 93.25
Jane Huntley 91.75
Oluwafunmike Akande 90.25
Ann Senior 88.5
Andy Macgarr 86.5
Lizzie Newbold 84.75
Alberto Carcaba 81
Karim El-houssami 79.75
Colin Plummer 79
Sally Elton 78.5
Laura Lincoln 77.25
Helen Roycroft 76
Di Russ 74.75
Steven Skamarski 74
Stephen Rowe 72
Pat Strange 66.25
Fatima Lee 65.5
Katie Blake 65.25
Liam Cornwall 64.5
Maggie Mathison 64.25
Lynne Ellis 62.5
Daniel Kovacs 61.5
Hasmita Shah 60.5
Ray Ellis 59.5
Shinobu Wakamatsu 58.75
Ben Waite 58.5
Pauline Martindale 57.75
Geoffrey Longster 57.5
Susan Marchant 57.25
Janet Lambert 57
Kathleen Mcenteggart 57
Janet Davies 56
Stephen  Shooman 55.75
Jean Death 54.75
Jane Astin 54
Paul Lazarus 54
Gillian Morgan 52.75
Tim Benson 52.5
Kathryn Taylor Saunders 51.25
Tom Cavanagh 50


Park Champions ride the slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit

Park Champions also had the opportunity to take on the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide. It is fair to say that everybody that experienced the thrilling descent loved it!
Following their hair-raising descent the volunteers and stakeholders went on a tour of the Park with our two community guides, Di and Stephen.

More photos of the trip are available on the Park Champions Facebook group.

Park Champions – Volunteer experience feedback

To ensure that we are developing a programme that is exciting, engaging, interesting and fun for you, your feedback is hugely important. This is your chance to give us your opinions on how the programme runs currently and how you would like to see it develop.

Please do take the time to complete this survey as all feedback is greatly appreciated:

Become a runner!

The world’s best athletes are coming back to London and this is your chance to see them compete for the title of World Champion at The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The London 2017 Organising Committee has launched its search for ‘Runners’ – the volunteer programme for the World ParaAthletics Championships and IAAF World Championships.

They are looking for up to 4,000 volunteers to be at the heart of the Championships, helping to deliver the event in The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and across London.

The IAAF World Championships and World ParaAthletics Championships will be the biggest celebration of athletics in the capital since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Being a Park Champion, your expertise and knowledge of the Park would be an incredible asset to the ‘Runners’ team. If you want to be part of the event please follow the link below:
Who can be a Runner?

Everyone! Whatever your background or ability, there are no barriers to being one of our volunteers.

Every Runner will receive an official volunteer uniform to wear during shifts, which you can keep after the Championships as a souvenir, and meal vouchers for The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

How do I get involved?

Applications are now open to become a runner and will close at midnight on Sunday 16th October 2016. If you would like any further information before applying, click here to visit the FAQs.