TeamKinetic got to sit down and interview Steve and Dylan, two amazingly enthusiastic volunteers from Liverpool FC Foundation. We discussed their experiences as volunteers with a disability and the impact volunteering has had on them. It was amazing to see all the work they put into the local community as well as the Foundation.  Both men volunteer regularly, at least three times, throughout the week.

Dylan, Steve, Ash and Jerome at Respect 4 All inclusive session at LFC Academy

Heres what they had to say…

How long have you volunteered for and what do you enjoy the most about volunteering?

Steve: “It was in 2008 in September with Mark. He was the disability officer who invited me to join the Respect 4 All program, which allowed me to get into volunteering. I enjoy getting the disabled children involved in sports, especially football. I am very passionate about getting boys, girls, women, everyone into playing football.”

Dylan: “I have volunteered for 2 months now. I like to get involved with the kids and help them with playing different sports.”

Do you feel that younger children look up to you for help and inspiration?

Steve: “Very much so, it’s hard for disabled people to break into sports. I’ve really enjoyed helping the children become better players and better individuals. Before the LFC Foundation, I volunteered for the Liverpool council and I used to go to a special school in Liverpool, so I have always felt passionate about sport for disabled people.”

What does the LFC Foundation mean to you?

Steve: “It means everything to me! I’ve been a supporter for the Liverpool Football club since I was 3 years old. The work that they do, not just in disability but all kinds of projects through the city. They’re a leading light. They impact so many peoples lives. Out of sports, I am generally a quiet person. The Foundation has developed my confidence in coaching. Being around the more experienced coaches and learning from them really helps with my volunteering.”

Dylan: “Everything! I play for the team and I’ve been there for ten years. I’ve improved my people skills and working with others. I want the foundation to keep growing.”

It was clear to see how much being involved with Liverpool FC Foundation meant to Steve and Dylan, Volunteering in football clearly meant a lot to them and their engagement with the young people in the sessions was fantastic.

One of the sessions regular attendee’s was Reiss, He has been inspired not just to keep coming to the sessions by these two great coaches, but also to go one step further, and to register as a volunteer on the LFC Foundation portal powered by TeamKinetic.

Reiss is a 16-year-old Liverpool FC fan and who’s enthusiastic for his club is limitless.  He regularly attends the Respect 4 All sessions and we to know what had made Reiss so keen to do more?

Reiss playing Football at the Respect 4 All session at Liverpool Academy

Do you enjoy the activities at the LFC Foundation?

Reiss: “Yes, I do! It’s really good to get kids with disabilities together and getting them involved in football and learning new skills.”

What would it mean to you to become a volunteer for the LFC Foundation?

Reiss: “It would mean a lot to me to volunteer. I want to help younger children like I have in the past. I hope to be volunteering for the future with the LFC Foundation. Volunteering will allow me to gain more experience and work with others, to better my CV.”

It was a fantastic day at the Respect 4 All event, and all the young people getting involved. The impact the staff and volunteers had on these young peoples lives can be difficult sometimes to effectively explain, but it should never be underestimated. The Liverpool FC Foundation put in tremendous amounts of effort to create a strong community. TeamKinetic is proud to play its role in supporting this work.