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TeamKinetic: YMCA Sleep Easy Challenge

Sleep Easy - YMCA

Just before Christmas TeamKinetic announced we were hoping to do something that would raise awareness of Homelessness. Unfortunately, we were delayed due to an overly busy period and our plans were put on hold until a later opportunity.

Still eager to pursue an event that will raise awareness of homelessness and support the thousands of people affected, James, our youngest member of TeamKinetic will be taking on the YMCA Sleep Easy challenge.

Sleep Easy is a national fundraising event which aims to help prevent youth homelessness. By participating in the YMCA Sleep Easy Event at St. Catherine’s College Sports Ground, he will be experiencing one night of sleeping it rough.

Sharing his thoughts, James said:

“I have studied in Cambridge and Manchester and have become increasingly conscious of homelessness.  It is hard to even comprehend the reasoning as to why people end up homeless. But the moment you take the time to speak with the, you realise these people are often a victim of unfortunate circumstances and lack a supportive network many of us fortunately have. Of course Sleep Easy does not replicate what it is really like to be homeless, but it is a good way to raise awareness and funds for a deserving cause.”

TeamKinetic works to support third sectors organisations in all our operations, sharing a vision to encourage social good. This is just one part of the commitment we made to support more organisation through our time, energy and resources.

Can you help TeamKinetic support this worthy cause?

Find out more about the event and the donations page here:


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  1. John Martin

    John Martin painting would like help in this event which aims to hi light the growing problem in all our towns and cities, which needs to be delt with more focus on the causes which lead to the problem in the first place which is not easy, it will take time and money and a lot of dedicated people with first hand knowledge of how to get people back in to a good place with in them self ,so get out there and lobby your MP and local councillors to put pressure on the government to sort this shocking problem in 21 st century, donation on the way good luck with this event .

    • Hello John,
      I fully agree with you that providing money to charities is only a short-term solution to a much larger problem that needs to be addressed at the core. It is a sad statistics that homelessness has increased 74% in the last three years and I agree that pressure on the appropriate individuals needs to be placed. I would say, this fundraiser is helping to raise the profile of homelessness and hopefully encourage others to also apply pressure on those who can make the change as well as supporting the charities helping those on the front line.
      Thank you for your donation!
      – James

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