My wife is a vet and has been organising donation stations at her practices for dog food, blankets, toys, and jackets that we hope to distribute to homeless charities and volunteer organisations over Christmas and New Year. For people sleeping rough their dog is more than a pet and is often their source of heat, love and protection and they form incredibly strong bonds.

We sorted and delivered our first drop today to a great charity in Manchester, LifeShare. They provide a safe space for the homeless of Manchester, providing hot food, clothing, hygiene products and most importantly a warm place to talk and get together. They had plenty of space and other charities will be able to access the dog supplies throughout the Christmas period.

If you have ever wondered what 100kg of dry dog food, 200 tins, 16 jumpers, 40 jackets and 35 blankets looks like;

Thank you LifeShare and all your volunteers for your hard work throughout the year and thank you to all the customers and staff of Wright and Morten vets for their generosity.

If you think you might be able to give some of your time to help the homeless of Manchester please do get in touch with LifeShare via their website. Hopefully they’ll be getting so many volunteers in 2018 that they will need to use our free volunteer management software =).