Here at TeamKinetic, we have been preparing for the start of TeamKinetic Academy.

We wanted the chance to explain in greater depth some key functionality of our software, explore new features and answer questions for all those interested in the TeamKinetic Range.

Hence the conception the TeamKinetic Academy: a dedicated series of live webinars, videos and blogs providing insightful tips for each of the software applications we offer.  The new dimension of our service aims to help our customers unleash the full potential of the functionality within our software systems.

So whether using VolunteerKinetic for volunteer management, ClubKinetic to manage club activities or AccessKinetic to create event passes, the TeamKinetic Academy will be the go-to place to update your knowledge and ability using our software applications.

We decided to kick this month’s sessions with our very first webinar broadcasted live on our  Facebook and is now available on our YouTube (have you subscribed to it yet?). This week Steve, our Implementation Consultant, introduced the new Volunteer Survey functionality for VolunteerKinetic.


As always, TeamKinetic believes listening to our customer’s crucial in delivering software applications that really fulfill their needs. Of course, that same principle applies to the TeamKinetic Academy.  So if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to let us know by dropping us an email:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,