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Volunteering Matters.



TeamKinetic are proud to announce that we are now a consortium partner working with the Sport and Recreation Alliance and Join In, alongside other recognised partners, who share the vision of growing the volunteer network, which is vital for the development of sport and activities, for both organisations and individuals within the future.

Throughout this partnership, Team Kinetic have a view to:

  • Ensure that more opportunities become available for a greater number of organisations. Therefore, promoting a positive message regarding volunteering to a wider audience.
  • Grow the future of volunteer research and assist with the management of volunteers, for a range of organisations.
  • To, Recruit, Reward and be Relevant within the market place.

Through working towards these goals, TeamKinetic are adding to the future of volunteer management and assisting with the recruitment for organisations who currently have/ or are looking to have volunteers that: take part within activities, improve an organisation with more active participants and can promote a healthier lifestyle. Demonstrating the importance of recruiting individuals who have been inspired and are interested to become active by volunteering, and are able to find the correct organisation in order to start taking part.

Overall, we share the vision with our fellow consortium partners that volunteering is integral to sport throughout every level and we will work together to make sure the future of sport and volunteering continues to grow and develop.

Team Kinetic Supports Women in Sport #WSW16

Throughout the week of 3rd – 9th October 2016, the charity Women in Sport, are running a Women in Sport week, to bring people together who have an involvement in a variety of different activities, in order to increase the profile of female participants across the UK.

During this week, TeamKinetic are focusing on women who volunteer within organisations and are promoting both the involvement and strong importance of female volunteers.

“Women in Sport draws on its unique insight to champion the right of every woman and girl in the UK to take part in, and benefit from, sport: from the field of play to the boardroom, from early years and throughout her life” (Women in Sport, 2016).

With a variety of our clients including: NGBs, CSPs and Local Authorities, we have access to a wide network of women who are currently involved within volunteering. Therefore, ensuring that the events are able to take place by signing up through TeamKinetic’s volunteer management system, making sure that there are a range of different opportunities available for all volunteers.

Furthermore, TeamKinetic demonstrates that women become involved for the right reasons.  Alongside, how to reach out to both new and existing female volunteers, who are participating within sports and activity.

  • Providing a welcoming environment and full support and guidance for the organisations volunteers.
  • Creating aspirations and goals.
  • Involve a variety of volunteers to enable varied and exciting opportunities.

Therefore, throughout Women in Sport week, by having an effective volunteer management system in place for your organisation, such as TeamKinetic, encourages you to begin recruiting, managing and organising participants becoming involved in sport and provides more opportunities for women to sign up and start volunteering now. #WSW16800x560px-20110106_sport_england_83

‘The Importance of Volunteers’

‘TeamKinetic has ensured that the Homeless World Cup could take place through recruiting and gaining volunteers’

Mariana, Marketing Executive, Homeless World Cup

Sporting events across the country would struggle to run efficiently without volunteers. Think about the huge success of the London 2012 Games Makers and their counterparts in Rio. These volunteers were all essential to making the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games successful and in Rio this year, the volunteers at the Olympic Games have once again demonstrated how invaluable they are.

So you won’t be surprised when I tell you that volunteers play a key role in making sure the Homeless World Cup takes place. However, it’s all very well and good getting volunteers to help manage an event but you also need to be able to accurately manage their time and activities. During the Homeless World Cup, we were able to use AccessKinetic, an accreditation system, and VolunteerKinetic, a volunteer management system to recruit and manage our volunteers who participated.  These systems are a part of TeamKinetic which is a suite of applications fostering and growing communities that revolve around volunteering.

The Homeless World Cup took place in Glasgow, during July 2016, at George Square. The venue included, three purpose built pitches with seating, which was the main venue for 64 teams, from 51 different countries. The participants included homeless people from all over the globe, who came together to play a sport that they are passionate about, in order to represent their country.

Throughout the event we identified five reasons why TeamKinetic’s service is vital for organisations to manage their volunteers and help others to become active in sport.


Volunteer involvement was vital for the running, delivery and management of the Homeless World Cup. The various roles taken on by the volunteers meant they had to undertake different responsibilities. These responsibilities helped the players and spectators, promoted the event and encouraged people to play and get involved in sport.

2. Importance 

It was vital that the volunteers enjoyed their roles and that the overall event was a success. Throughout the Homeless World Cup, we had an average of 350 volunteers a day. They all had varying roles with different responsibilities – but it was important that they all helped make the atmosphere for both players and spectators phenomenal. Being able to provide the volunteers with the support they needed to carry out their roles meant the event was able to demonstrate the importance of playing sport and using it to bring people together.

3. Spectators  

 The Homeless World Cup in Glasgow attracted 80,000 spectators. Their attendance was vital to the success of the event but they also played an important role in making sure both players and volunteers felt valued. By experiencing such a positive, and potentially life changing event for the players, volunteers and spectators were able to see first hand the benefits of an active lifestyle. This is excellent news as research shows that attending sporting events is sometimes enough to encourage people to get involved in sport themselves.

‘Five key core motivations for sports event attendees includes: socialisation, performance, excitement, extreme and diversion. Alongside, focusing on the whole experience to grow and promote participation’ (Greenwell et al, 2014)

4.  Participation 

Volunteers were able to get involved, participate and reflect on the Homeless World Cup via social media. This is because of an integrated function within the TeamKinetic system. It also helped to engage with players attending the event, as they were selected through a variety of trials and training sessions within their home countries. The VolunteerKinetic system and the accredited AccessKinetic badges, meant that all volunteers gained a sense of achievement and responsibility throughout the event.

5. Post Event  

There were many vital aspects for the Homeless World Cup to consider after the event.  Including monitoring the number of homeless people who participated in the event and continue to play sport to improve their health and lifestyle. At the same time, it also helped engagement with volunteers through the TeamKinetic system so that we were able to keep them involved in future events.

The Homeless World Cup, and other positive sporting events really help to encourage players, spectators and volunteers to #TryYourKitOn and get active.


‘Sports Volunteering in the Current Landscape’


Team Kinetic co-hosted the second MMU Sports Volunteering Conference, at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, within May 2016. The event covered key themes of volunteering within sport, physical activity and health-related fields, using a mix of practitioner workshops, engaging keynote talks and interactive practitioner-led stands.

Alongside this, the conference titled ‘Sports Volunteering in the Current Landscape’, included a full line up of speakers including: Geoff Thompson MBE from Youth Charter, who discussed helping young people, communities and society as a whole. Charlotte Hill, CEO of Step Up to Serve, who identified the role of evidence in her national programme which runs until 2020. Explaining how they have embed this programme locally and nationally to build uptake. Alongside these, Tony Jameson-Allen from Sporting Memories foundation, offered fascinating insights from the high profile Comic Relief part-funded dementia and sport history well being project discussing how sport plays a major role within helping dementia, and how activators and volunteers play a vital role in supporting the organisation.

The conference was aimed at organisations and individuals who have a role in recruiting, managing and deploying volunteers, as well as those with a strategic view of volunteer development and growth.

Catherine Elliott – Senior Lecturer, MMU said “We want to create a place where volunteering is examined in a professional manner. Starting the conversation to understand the role of the volunteer is vital, so that you can evaluate the value and potential of their support. The conference reflected on the dynamism of the volunteer space, with discussions and first hand, real world involvement being explained to a variety of organisations, to teach valuable experience and develop their growth”.


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