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The Integrated Communities Innovation Fund: A New Funding Opportunity and What You Need to Know

For those managing volunteers, community engagement or sports development, there was good news to be found this week. A £7 million fund to support building more integrated communities was announced by the Secretary of State for Communities Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP. TeamKinetic has identified a shared interest between the sectors we serve, ICIF’s purpose, and the potential role of our volunteer management software could have.

What is the ICIF?

The Integrated Communities Strategy Fund (ICIF) green paper, was launched in early 2018 and invited views on the government’s vision for building strong integrated communities. The new fund was announced on the 9th July, and aims to stimulate new thinking, build new partnerships and test innovative approaches to bringing integrating communities. A press release, available on, summarises the ICIF:

“We are inviting applications to support approaches which help build integrated communities. This includes projects that use sport and physical activity to encourage integration. The government will be working in partnership with Sport England, which is contributing to the new Integrated Communities Innovation Fund, to support projects of this type.”

ICIF logo

Read the full article here

The fund aims to support projects which meet the following criteria:

  • Offer sound reasoning as to why they will be likely to achieve positive integration outcomes and, where available, have a clear evidence base to support this.
  • Have a clear understanding of how outcomes will be measured and how the success of the project can be evaluated.
  • Demonstrate how they have, or will secure, buy-in to the proposal from delivery partners and from the local communities in which they will be tested.
  • Show potential for growth, both in terms of the number of people reached and effectiveness in different local contexts.
  • Demonstrate clear deliverability, good value for money and are financially sustainable
  • Are led by organisations that are willing to share their experiences and learning, both honestly and widely.

How could this funding be used to support your voluntary organisation?

From our research, we believe voluntary organisations could successfully apply to the fund to support the costs of a volunteer management system. TeamKinetic believes our experience and market-leading volunteer management software would help to position the application with the support, integration and potential to scale, desired by ICIF.

r volunteer management software could be a  perfect fit for such funding.

  • With ten years of experience supporting the development of volunteer programmes, TeamKinetic’s software is designed specifically to encourage frequent and meaningful interactions resulting in volunteering
  • Working alongside hundreds of organisations in the UK and around the world we can provide evidence for the positive impact our software has had on communities
  • Our software enables organisations or project leaders to track and measure the impact of their work. The reporting features capture the level of engagement, which can be analysed based upon ethnicity, age, sexes, location, socioeconomics, and more.
  • As a delivery partner to the project, we can offer our full support and experience through our advice and suggestions to help you to use the funding in an efficient way
  • We can also use our extensive network to introduce new delivery partners who can support your cause
  • We have an extensive portfolio of clients who have seen an incremental change to the size and scalability of their operations due to our software
  • We already work in partnership with a selection of sector groups, including the Join-in Consortium and the Sport Volunteer Research Network
  • Each year we invite hundreds of organisation to join us at our annual volunteering conference, held in Manchester, to discuss the latest trends and topics of volunteer and community development

If you would like to read a case study on how TeamKinetic has helped to build a community for Seashell Trust please take a moment to read this:

To discuss this funding opportunity further, please get in touch:

0161 914 5757


TeamKinetic Go Mobile: TeamKinetic Volunteering App

TeamKinetic are proud to announce we are now mobile! With the release of an iOS and Android App, volunteering has never been more accessible and easier.

Following our last annual volunteering conference, the demand to create a mobile app for volunteers has been high and at the forefront of our road map for development. Following some careful consideration TeamKinetic have developed the App and we are pleased to announce it is now available in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

To use the app, volunteers need to have previously registered online with an organisation’s volunteer website portal before being able to sign on. Registered volunteers are then able to search for opportunities from all providers that advertise on or use a TeamKinetic System via the app.

In a simple four step process volunteers can search for opportunities, log hours, leave feedback and edit personal details and much more:

  1. Register online via provider website (i.e MCRVIP)
  2. Download TeamKinetic App
  3. Sign In using login credentials
  4. Search and join volunteer opportunities

For those of you interested, we continue to explain the process and factors considered for designing the app below.

Why is the app not specific to an organisation?

It is technically very difficult to brand an application. It is not possible for us to upload a variant of the native application for every organisation. We have settled for a system wide app that will include branding details of the volunteers home organisation once they have logged in.

What is the best feature/s on the app?

Both the Android and iOS apps contain super convenient notification systems that alert a volunteer to any upcoming sessions right in their phones notification panel. These work whether the device as internet connectivity or not.

TeamKinetic App

Why do volunteers need to have previously registered online before using the system?

Our existing customers were nervous that users that find the app before registering with their local volunteering organisation would never realise the full potential of their local volunteer network, only being exposed to shared opportunities. For this reason, we decided that the application would be a companion app for existing users.

TeamKinetic App Screenshot

Any additional questions and answers you think may be relevant?

The app will be advertised to all users logging in through their home organisation when using a mobile device. In addition, we will be using regular notifications to let users know there is a mobile app available and adding a footnote to the weekly emails with download links.

We think that volunteers will find more opportunities and log more hours when they can search for opportunities whenever and wherever they are.

If you have any further questions or would like to find our more on TeamKinetic’s app or volunteer management software, please get in touch with one of our team.

0161 914 5757

Feel Good Friday – Volunteer Praise

This week TeamKinetic received a message recognising the effort of volunteers and staff at the Manchester Big Bike Ride. We wanted to share the message and it positive praise of Volunteers for their efforts:

“I was working at the Manchester Big Bike Ride today on a Bike Doctor stand and I witnessed the work of the British Cycling staff and the volunteers. I have to say that, without exception, they were enthusiastic, cheerful, helpful encouraging and friendly. I can’t praise them enough. I have a confession to make. I saw the (unnecessary, in the end) waterproof jackets being distributed to the volunteers when I first arrived on site and coveted one. At the end of the day I sweet talked one of the staff into giving me a spare. I did not get their name as I wouldn’t want to get anyone into trouble. I am very pleased with my new jacket and I intend to carry it on my upcoming 750 km ride along the Camino Frances in July. I hope I won’t need to wear it but, if I do, it will be with but, if I do I will feel privileged to publicise such an enjoyable and well-run event.”

The Manchester Big Bike Ride is part of a larger series of events in Manchester. You can find out more on their website:

If you have a story about volunteering, volunteer management or social action, and you would like us to share or if you’d like to learn more about TeamKinetic volunteer management software, please get in touch with one of our team:

Call 0161 914 5757



6 Reasons to Attend a Volunteering Conference

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In a digital age where it seems that everything relating to training, development and even networking can all be accessed online it can sometimes prove challenging to convince or justify time away from the office. We wanted to provide you with 6 reasons to get out of the office and hopefully, convince you to attend TeamKinetic’s 4th Annual Volunteering Conference!

  1. You owe it to your volunteers

Countless volunteers travel, give up their time and go out of their way for various volunteering roles. Whether it’s staying an extra couple of minutes to tidy up or responding to an urgent last-minute call to cover a shift, volunteers always have a knack for giving more than expected.

Yet, as volunteer managers, we sometimes forget to prioritise operational and strategic tasks which will provide a greater long-term benefit, becoming immersed by working in our volunteer programme instead of on it.

Sometimes we need to take a step away from our organisation’s day to day running to learn, exchange best practice and hard learnt lessons with your peers, or just simply reiterate the steps we need to ensure long-term value in our volunteering programmes. A focused conference can do just that.

  1. If you stop learning, you stop growing (and so does your volunteer programme)

This nugget of wisdom often echoes through any informative or educational events marketing material. Yet, despite its excessive use, it still remains true and is one of the most important factors for ensuring you prioritise your personal and professional development.

Without developing your skills and knowledge of the latest trends, technology and discoveries, you put yourself at a disadvantage. Ensuring that you spend sufficient time developing an awareness of new developments will ensure that you protect your volunteer programme and safeguard preparation for future changes.

  1. Who said work should be boring ….have fun

We have all been guilty of slipping into a routine where we repeat activities daily, trying to reduce any distractions and focus on what matters. In doing so, we inadvertently remove the sources of entertainment, creativity and inspiration we previously amused ourselves with and used to fuel our work with the necessary passion it deserves.

Attending a conference provides an opportunity to find new inspirations in an environment that is fun, welcoming and different. Simply by removing ourselves from the confines of our office, we open our mind to new stimuli that can inspire a change in our approach. The opportunity to meet new people, learn new ways and experience new places, genuinely excites (most) of us.

  1. Network, Network, Network

Meeting someone in person provides a real chance to connect. You notice their body language, facial response and their voice. Collectively these interactions have a much greater value which is longer lasting and valued.

The importance of building your network is beneficial to both yourself and your organisation. It could be as simple as identifying new suppliers or sharing approaches to a shared challenge. The value and potential of collaboration, open discussion and a mutual interest makes networking very worthwhile.

  1. Industry Insight

The opportunity to listen to industry leading figures can provide a chance to learn valuable information and insight that you may not have been aware of or had access to. As speakers want to be recognised for their experience and expertise they will supply their audience with an arsenal of practical and easy to implement takeaways; from bite-size easy wins to long-term strategic considerations.

  1. Lunch, Lunch, Lunch

As every volunteer manager knows, it is important to keep your workforce focused and feed. So make sure you don’t miss out on the top lunch provided and enjoy a freshly prepared, wholesome and tasty lunch with refreshments.

So what are you waiting for, you owe it your volunteers!

So there you go, 6 compelling reasons for you to give up your desk for one day, go on an adventure to discover, network and learn. All you need to now is book your spot on TeamKinetic’s 4th Annual Volunteering Conference using the link below:

If you would like to find out more on TeamKinetic’s Annual Conference or Volunteer Management Software, please get in touch with one of our team on:

0161 914 575

Managing Major Sports Events: How Sports Cardiff recruits and manages its volunteers

Cardiff welcomes yet another major event to the city. Eager to join some of the excitement, TeamKinetic visited Cardiff and the front line volunteers of the event. Take a read of how volunteers at major events in Cardiff are managed by Sport Cardiff and the experience one of our team whilst at the event.  

Volunteers in Action

Volunteers in Action

Cardiff a Sporting city of Success

In the last few years, Cardiff has successfully hosted several major sporting events. From the Champions League final, a Heavyweight Boxing unification fight,  and most recently the Volvo Ocean Race. Cardiff is quickly becoming a popular choice to host world-level sporting events.

Responsibility for organising some of these events has fallen to Sport Cardiff, the city’s sport development team a partnership between Cardiff Council and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Using TeamKinetic volunteer management software, Sport Cardiff recruits volunteers for sports events and opportunities across the city. TeamKinetic wanted to take the opportunity to visit such a prestigious event and to experience some of the thrills of front-line volunteering.

Volvo Ocean Race – Tell me more

The Volvo Ocean Race sees seven teams compete against each other across eleven legs around the world’s oceans. The ninth leg brings the competitors to Cardiff, in which they spend fifteen days in the port, included in this time are several port challenges which contribute points to the leaderboard. Amongst the excitement is an entourage of pop up stands and stools from partners, sponsors and charitable organisations which provide visitors with entertainment and education.  The volunteers assist with the running of the event and the various stands through their enthusiasm, knowledge and approachable smiles.

Recruiting Volunteers and Managing Volunteers

The responsibility of recruiting volunteers from the local area fell on Gareth Power, Sport Development Co-ordinator at Sport Cardiff. As Sport Cardiff uses TeamKinetic volunteer management software to power the volunteer website Gareth was eager to ensure opportunities were shared across the portal.

In a brief interview, Gareth reflected on how the recruitment and management of volunteer had benefited from the use of TeamKinetic’s volunteer management software.

“It’s been a really positive experience and a great event so far. We have needed hundreds of volunteers who collectively have worked over 8 thousand hours for this fourteen consecutive day event. It has been quite intense and full on, but the volunteers have just been great.

They really have embraced the event. They come from all walks of life with different interests, backgrounds and motivations for volunteering. Whether it’s their first time volunteering or their hundredth it’s great to find a cause that brings them all together. The fact that everyone has decided to be here really helps to create a different dynamic and a positive vibe for the event.

For us at Sport Cardiff, it is important that we don’t just look at a singular event but also think about how we can keep the engagement of these volunteers in the future. This is just one of the reasons TeamKinetic volunteer management software is so valuable to us because it enables to promote future events to the volunteers who have previously signed up. This helps us to create a legacy,  grow the pool of volunteers and increase the number of returning volunteers in the future.

For events which last so long, it can be challenging to manage such a high number of volunteers and their availability. The TeamKinetic software has helped us to overcome this challenge by allowing volunteers the flexibility to swap shifts on the volunteer portal without the need of going through the administrator.

Another aspect that makes the software so valuable is its automated and customisable communication features. Using TeamKinetic we know that all of the volunteers who sign up through the portal will receive the necessary information. It also is the perfect platform for us to collect feedback from volunteers following the event. This is made possible through the events survey functionality. “

If you would like to read James’ experience volunteering at the event check out his blog here.

Or if you’d like to learn more about TeamKinetic volunteer management software, please get in touch with one of our team:

Call 0161 914 5757


A Volunteers Experience: Volvo Ocean Race

TeamKinetic’s James volunteered at the Volvo Ocean Race in Cardiff last week. The major international sports event visited Cardiff for fourteen days and nicely coincided with national Volunteers Week 2018. Take a read of James’ experience and how the event catered for volunteers welfare.

Volvo Ocean Race

Arriving at the event ready for the start of shift briefing, I was unsure what to expect from my volunteering. I had no past encounters with  Yachts and had only been sailing a couple of times. However, my previous experience volunteering had provided me with the reassurance that management is usually one of the nicest and most welcoming around.  Sport Cardiff was no different. Arriving to the volunteer hub I was welcomed by Gareth Power, Volunteer Coordinator for Sport Cardiff . He welcomed me to the event, thanked me for travelling there and supplied me with a ‘port crew’ polo, poncho, cap and even a reusable plastic bottle. I was then showed  a seat ready for the briefing.

One thing I noticed was how friendly, welcoming and understanding everyone was at the event. Whether it was your first day or tenth, everyone was smiling and eager to help one another out. Following a light-hearted brief, we were given the opportunity to put ourselves forward for the different positions at the various stands available. During the brief we were told about the running order of the day, the time of lunches and shown were we could make hot drinks, and find the toilet. There were also various watering stations and sun cream dispensers across the event, an additional touch which was greatly welcomed in the days heat.

At my station, I was greeted by several volunteers who explained my role and helped me find my feet in the role. Before we knew it, we were welcoming people into the stand and showing them through the various aspects.  At various points in the day, we were checked on by the event staff both from  Sport Cardiff and Volvo Ocean Race, making sure we were okay and all comfortable. Halfway through the shift, we received our tasty lunch and given the opportunity to take a comfort break as other volunteers minded the stand.  Once our shift was completed we were free to spend a little longer socialising and invited to a local pub to enjoy a socialise.

The following day I returned to the volunteer hub and the briefing process was repeated, with a different joke but just as much enthusiasm. This time around I went to a different stand for my shift. The  Grinding Challenge was a competition stand where entrants had to raise of the mast as quickly as possible. As part of a four-person team, we were responsible for encouraging attendees to participate, demonstrating their technique and capturing an action picture using the stations ipads, which could be sent to them via email. The stand brought out everyone’s competitive side and was amusing to watch…of course I had to have a go!

James' Attempting the Grinding Challenge

James’ Attempting the Grinding Challenge

During my time at the event, I took the opportunity to speak with several volunteers and ask why they decided to give up their time. The answers varied greatly, from enjoying sports, to be being a yacht enthusiast, gaining work experience, previous experience volunteering with  Sport Cardiff and even just to say ‘I was there’. It was clear that everyone had their own reasons for being there, but in doing so the gained a sense of gratification and provided others with their time and efforts.

A few days after the event, I received an email from Gareth titled: VOR – Thank You / Diolch. The email was a perfect example the simple things you can do to say ‘Thank you’ and really helped to make me feel a valued member of the volunteer team at the event.

Despite only spending a short time at the event, I had a truly great experience and learnt much more than I had expected. Whilst at the event I developed my people skills and adapted to new environments, operating in a team and learning about yachts, volunteering at the Volvo Ocean Race had provided me with an opportunity to do something completely different to my regular day and connected me with so many people whose path I may never have crossed.  Volunteering at the such a large sport event was a truly enjoyable experience and one I would happily repeat in the future.

£10K Give Away – Celebrate Volunteers Week and TeamKinetic’s 10th Birthday with #TK10GIV

TeamKinetic Ten Year £10,000 Give Away

This year TeamKinetic is celebrating our tenth year helping to build volunteer communities! We thought to celebrate this alongside Volunteers Week 2018 and do something special.

Celebrating 10 Years of TeamKinetic

In ten years of business, we have grown to become a trusted partner for many organisations that help volunteers. Our flagship Volunteer Management Software is one of the most advanced and complete volunteer management systems available, and each day we continue to plan its development to meet the needs of our customers and the sector. We now serve hundreds of happy organisations across the globe and have logged nearly a million volunteer hours.

To celebrate we wanted to do something special. Of course, we considered the obvious choices for a tenth birthday, such as a trip to the zoo or a bouncy castle party. All of which were very tempting, but, we realised that spaces might be a tad limited. Instead, we made the decision to do something that everyone would appreciate, enjoy and access: A £10,000 give away*.

That’s right a £10K give away.


What’s included in the 10K give away?

1 x TeamKinetic Enterprise Edition Volunteer Management Software (worth over £3000). For one lucky winner’s organisation, a one year license for our bespoke volunteer management system.

2 x tickets for TeamKinetic’s annual volunteer conference. On the 12th September 2018 TeamKinetic welcomes a host of industry and thought leaders to Manchester to join us for the annual conference. This year’s event is our best to date, with speakers including Kristen Stephenson (Head of Volunteering at Sports England), Fiona Liddel (Volunteering Development Manager at WCVA), and many more.

£10,000 worth of Free upgrades from TeamKinetic FREE to TeamKinetic COMMUNITY. This version of volunteer management software is hosted on our national volunteer website,


So how do you get involved with the #TKGIV?

To enter you just need to follow these simple steps;

On Friday 1st June 2018, Volunteer Week will start. At 9:00am TeamKinetic will be tweeting:


@TeamKineticUK are throwing a £10,000 Give Away of Volunteer Management Software & More

Simply retweet, tag two other volunteer managers and include these 2 hashtags #TK10GIV #Volunteersweek”

And you will automatically be entered. 


The Small Print:

This competition will run from 9:00 am on 1st June 2019 until 11:59 pm the 7th June 2018. The winners and how to access the free upgrade to TeamKinetic Community will be announced on TeamKinetic’s Twitter Channel (@TeamKineticUK) at 12:00 pm on Friday 8th June 2018.

Full terms and conditions can be found at

TeamKinetic is excited to be giving away these prizes, we hope you will be able to support us and many other organisations by spreading the word across your own social media channels.

TeamKinetic Academy

TeamKinetic 4th Annual Volunteering Conference

TeamKinetic’s Annual Volunteering Conference 12th September 2018

Every year TeamKinetic runs an Annual Volunteering Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University. This year, the event is being run in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business, Sports Policy and Law Department and GreaterSport. Collectively, we aim to host an insightful and inspiring event for all those in attendance through a series of talks and break out workshops focused on volunteer management.

Previous events have drawn a crowd of over a hundred and this year we are hoping to host our largest to date. With an incredible list of speakers and attendance from a variety of roles in including volunteer managers, events coordinators, community engagement officers, sports development, HR and Operation staff, and more, this is not one to be missed.

To purchase your ticket please visit one of the followiing:

TeamKinetic Customer Tickets (You will need the password available on your dashboard to access this page):


TeamKinetic Customer Exclusive Pre – Conference Day

Tuesday 11th September

10:00 – 17:00

TeamKinetic will be offering a free event on 11th September 2018 specifically for all of our customers to attend. The exclusive event provides the perfect opportunity to discuss TeamKinetic’s future software development, talk about how other similar sectors professional use the software and attend workshops master classes.

TeamKinetic 4th Annual Volunteer Management Conference

Wednesday 12th September


Speakers confirmed for the event include:

Denise Larrad – BBC Sports Personality 2017 Unsung Hero award winner

Volunteer Denise Larrad has been named the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero award winner at the Sports Personality of the Year 2017 ceremony.

A mother of two, 56-year-old Denise Larrad was selected to be a torchbearer for the Olympic Torch Relay at the 2012 Games. She was selected for her outstanding contribution to fundraising work by Asda, her employer. After being chosen to carry the Torch for the Games Denise had one sole aim – to get the people of Hinckley, Leicestershire, active.

Despite working night shifts in a warehouse, she finds time to help lead walking, orienteering, running and general fitness classes for children, families and the elderly. With a host of different activities and exercises sessions, Denise motivates and nurtures participants to be more active.

She is a trained walk leader, putting on weekly sessions for the elderly on behalf of the charity Age UK and also organises orienteering courses across the borough in town parks, woodlands and schools.

Title: Understanding what motivates volunteers?

In this talk, Denise is going to share her experiences and motivators which led to her becoming such an inspirational volunteer, with an emphasis on how you can emulate the same in your own volunteers.


Kristen Stephenson – Head of Volunteering at Sport England

Kristen has recently joined Sport England as Head of Volunteering and leads on managing the 32 projects across their Volunteering Funds and supporting the delivery of the strategy ‘Volunteering in an Active Nation’. These funded projects are focused on getting young people involved in making a difference through social action, sport and physical activity and creating opportunities to get people from economically disadvantaged areas involved in volunteering.

Kristen’s previous role was with the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) where she led the work on volunteering ranging from policy work to influence decision making in government and writing practical resources on volunteer management.

She has experience of working with a diverse range of organisations to develop their approach to volunteering including charities big and small, the police, museums, galleries and the NHS.

Title: Volunteering in an Active Nation: How cross-sector collaboration can unlock the potential of volunteering in sport and physical activity

Kristen’s presentation will look at the important role cross-sector partnerships and collaboration will be to delivering Sport England’s volunteering strategy. She will draw on her experience in volunteering development in the voluntary sector and her current work at Sport England to explore what opportunities there are for volunteer managers in sport to learn from the voluntary sector and provide some interesting examples of how the two sectors are already working together to develop volunteering at a national and local level.


Mike Howlett – Volunteer & Citizenship Lead at Sefton Volunteer Center

Mike has been involved with the Voluntary, Community & Faith Sector on Merseyside for over 20 years, 11 of those in a paid capacity. His experience of volunteering includes fundraising, service development, training and stints as trustee and chair.

He joined Sefton CVS during Volunteers Week in 2007 and as a Development Worker before taking on a variety of roles involving the management of volunteering services and the strategic development of volunteering throughout the borough. The common theme throughout his work has been the support of local VCF Sector organisations in developing their volunteering programmes through the provision of information, advice and training.

Title: Widening the Net

Are you making the most of the resources available to you from outside the Sports Sector? This session will explore how diversifying your volunteering roles and engaging the wider community can help you to develop your organisation, and provide hints and tips regarding organisations and tools that might help.


Claire Jones – Head of Volunteering at Halton and St Helens Volunteer Centre

Claire has a passion for the Voluntary Sector, dedicating her career to supporting organisations and individuals to make a difference to their chosen communities through developing their systems and approaches to their people. Engaging in volunteering has been a part of her life from an early age, raising money for various causes, volunteering with women, girls, young carers and ex-offenders through to strategic decision making on trustee boards.

She joined VCA in April 2001, holding a variety of development and management roles and has a specialist knowledge in the strategic development of volunteering. This has been shared through a variety of mediums, including training, workshops, group and individual support. Key achievements include supporting the redevelopment of the National Volunteer Centre Quality Accreditation system and process; leading the success of local accreditation of our Volunteer Centres for 4 consecutive waves and securing new and innovative services for volunteering development.

Title: Supporting and Supervising Volunteers

Involving volunteers can be increasingly more complicated as our roles change and the time we have available shrinks. In such a busy world it can be difficult to implement effectively. This session will help you explore the benefits of good support and supervision for your volunteers and look at ways you can put it into practice.


Chris Martin – Founding Director at TeamKinetic

Chris had many years of experience working in the leisure industry, sport and at Manchester City Council before becoming one of the founding directors of TeamKinetic. For the last ten years, he has actively operated within the third sector, helping organisations to evolve their volunteer management.

Title: The use of rewards and incentives for volunteers

TeamKinetic has extensive data on how the use of gamification, incentives and rewards can impact your volunteers both in a positive and negative manner. In this session, we will explore how rewards and incentives can be used to keep your volunteers engaged and motivated.


Will Watt – Director of Product at Jump Projects

Will has a diverse resume, with experience working in publishing (Viz), digital publishing (BBC), music (NME) and the Sports Sector.

His voluntary experience includes founding the King’s College Old Boys FC; and set up ‘The Swimmer’, a community cold water swim run across London and also runs his son’s U9s Old Alleynians RFC team.

Title: The behavioural science of volunteering and how it varies for different groups in society – with a focus on ethnic diversity and low socioeconomic groups

At Join In, a charity set up to continue the legacy of 2012, Will carried out research into the economic and well-being value of sports volunteering, presenting the findings in a case study for Lord Gus O’Donnell’s ‘What Works Centre for Wellbeing’. Will has continued this work and founded Jump. Jump measure the well-being impacts of physical activity and volunteering whilst understanding the motivations for more people to do both.

Will was also responsible for the development of the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year #bigthankyou campaign and helped to organise the UK’s biggest sports day in 2016.


Chantel Scherer – Director of Marketing, Communications and Member Engagement at Sport & Recreation Alliance

Chantel Scherer is a senior communications professional with over 20 years’ experience implementing successful, integrated, strategic communications across large, complex organisations – working with volunteers for the last 15.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance is the voice of the sport and recreation sector and works to get the nation active. Chantel is Director of Marketing, Communications and Member Engagement and she looks after the Join In brand, which was set up after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to capitalise on the power of major sporting events to benefit grassroots clubs. Sport has the power to change lives and bring communities together and nurturing and growing volunteers is an important aspect to this.

Title: Using behavioural science to recruit and retain volunteers more effectively

This session will uncover the latest research on recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteers. Chantel will share some of the GIVERS research and how the Sport and Recreation Alliance is supporting the sector to get more grassroots volunteers into sport.


Crewenna Dymond – Head of Volunteering and Youth Impact at YHA England and Wales

Crewenna Dymond has been Head of Volunteering (and more recently also of Youth Impact) at YHA for 12 years and has worked with volunteers all her working life, holding earlier positions at BTCV (as it was then), Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and as a youth worker. Tasked with putting the young people back into volunteering with the Youth Hostel Association the number of active young volunteers has grown from a handful to a quarter of all active volunteers in 10 years. A Geographer by background with a PhD in biodiversity and wilderness quality, she helps YHA run its small remote hostels as a Volunteer Manager and also supports some children’s and aid charities.

Title: The benefits of focusing on the volunteer journey to aid recruitment and retention of volunteers

Ten years ago YHA benefitted from the support of around 500 volunteers annually. Now there are around 3,000 people giving their time to our charity in a wide range of flexible as well as committed roles. During that time we focused on establishing a consistent and comprehensive volunteer journey, that treats volunteers as customers as well as colleagues, and by 2014 we were pleased to achieve the Investing in Volunteers Award. Last year YHA transformed volunteer management by moving to an entirely online volunteer management system (TeamKinetic) which is changing how we plan for, recruit, organise and engage with volunteers. In this workshop, we will explore what a great volunteer journey looks like and how the online tools can help us engage more young volunteers and modernise our ways of working.


Fiona Liddell – Volunteering Development Manager at Welsh Council Voluntary Action (WCVA)

Fiona Liddell has worked within the volunteering team at WCVA, in several different roles, since 2003. Currently, she is Volunteering Development Manager with responsibilities for the strategic development of volunteering and volunteering services in Wales.

Recent projects include Volunteering Spirit Wales, a two-year project which aims to improve the quality of event volunteering in Wales and the development of online learning modules on volunteer management, to support the Welsh Government Fusion programme.

Fiona set up the Wales Volunteer of the Year Award scheme in 2004. She is the author of the WCVA publication Recruiting volunteers – a manual of good practice and has developed and delivered training in volunteer management.

Previously she has worked in International Development, Health Promotion and has, jointly with her husband, run a training and retreat centre in mid-Wales. Voluntary roles have included school governor, helping at a community cafe in the Rhondda and at conversation drop-in sessions for asylum seekers, stewarding at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff and mentoring a young person through the I million mentors scheme.


Laura Hamilton – Seven steps to successful volunteer engagement

In a rapidly changing world, how can we ensure that our volunteer programmes stay attractive, relevant and rewarding?

This workshop will explore:

  • The latest trends in volunteering
  • New approaches and perspectives on volunteer engagement
  • Working with volunteers of different ages
  • How to build great relationships with your volunteers

Laura is a consultant specialising in volunteer involvement and volunteer management, with over 17 years’ experience in the field. She has worked in both volunteer infrastructure and volunteer-involving organisations and is passionate about growing and developing successful volunteer programmes.

Will you be there?

TeamKinetic are looking forward to welcoming many faces both new and old to the conference. We hope you are able to join us.

If you require more information or have any question, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Free and Paid Volunteer Management Software: What is the difference?

TeamKinetic has been providing volunteer management software to third sector organisations for ten years. As part of our service, we also provide free volunteer management software to organisations through our national brokerage website providing TeamKinetic FREE.

This is the perfect opportunity for organisations to test the benefits of advertising opportunities nationally, understand the benefits of volunteer management software’s reporting functionality and test the responsiveness of volunteers to join opportunities through an online portal. TeamKinetic FREE lets you manage an unlimited number of volunteers on one opportunity.

To help understand the benefits of volunteer management software, TeamKinetic have put together this short guide:

What is volunteer management software?

‘Volunteer Management Software’ is a term coined to describe a built-for-purpose computer system which can be used by voluntary organisations to recruit and manage volunteers.  It creates an online portal for volunteers to access advertised opportunities, which in turn makes volunteering more accessible. There are various systems available on the market. Each provider of volunteer management software takes a different approach to delivering their software system and this is reflected in the functionality, features and design.

Who uses volunteer management software?

Volunteer management software is used by many voluntary, non-government, education, health and sport organisations. The staff that use the systems often includes: volunteer managers, community engagement officers, events coordinators, sports development officers, volunteer coordinators, HR and operation staff, and many more.

What does volunteer management software do?

Volunteer management software helps organisations to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. The software also helps to recruit and deploy volunteers. Depending on the software provider, additional functionality may be available, such as reporting features, social media sharing, communication tools and much more.

A Screenshot depicting how to log on on TryVolunteering

A screenshot of what volunteer see upon logging on to

What is the difference between free and paid versions of volunteer management software?

Free volunteer management software often has limitations or has a simplified functionality. As more functionality, reports and functionality increases so does the price of the software.

TeamKinetic provides several volunteer management software options to match the needs of different organisations.  TeamKinetic has one free version and three paid versions of volunteer management software. TeamKinetic FREE is a free volunteer management software system that is restricted to one live opportunity and is hosted on TeamKinetic COMMUNITY is the first paid version of TeamKinetic Volunteer Management Software and is also hosted on, however opportunities are unlimited.  TeamKinetic ADVANCED and TeamKinetic ENTERPRISE are both bespoke systems that are hosted on their own domain and includes higher functionality features. You can find out more about this on our website.

TeamKinetic ENTERPRISE - MCRVIP - Screenshot

TeamKinetic ENTERPRISE – MCRVIP – Screenshot

What features and functionality does TeamKinetic FREE include?

TeamKinetic FREE is  a national volunteer brokerage system with advanced volunteer management functionality; it acts as a virtual portal for volunteers to find voluntary opportunities. Removing the restrictions of traditional volunteering sign up, your organisation will be bought into the digital age and will save valuable time, previously spent on administration tasks.

In all versions of TeamKinetic’s volunteer management software volunteers can access all of the same features. These features include:

  • the ability join opportunities,
  • Create a profile
  • track achievements
  • add CPD and qualifications
  • track opportunities attended
  • log hours

Search for opportunities, events and training by:

  • keywords
  • categories
  • activities
  • distance and date
  • leave opportunity feedback
  • share opportunities on social media

As an opportunity provider you can:

  • Create a profile for your organisation
  • Create opportunities
  • Manage unlimited volunteers
  • Group volunteers
  • Check DBS
  • Request references
  • Access automated emails
  • Upload documents
  • Restrict opportunities
  • Share the opportunity onto Do-It

Using TeamKinetic enables you to report on essential KPIs and Data, including:

  • Gender of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Ethnicity
  • Volunteer Age Groups
  • Volunteer Group Membership
  • Hours Logged by Category
  • Opportunity numbers by category
  • Monthly cumulative logged hours
  • Unique Active Opportunity Sessions
  • Available Opportunity Sessions

All of this data is available for download in a CVS file.

What if my organisations needs its own system?

As mentioned, TeamKinetic also provides bespoke volunteer management software systems which can be integrated into your organisation’s current website. We are more than happy to discuss the pricing of the system, the specification required and which version would best meet your organisations need.

Where can I find out more / Can I discuss this further with you?

TeamKinetic is always happy to help and support voluntary organisations and we will happily discuss which option of our software would be best suited to your organisation’s needs.   Simply Call or Email us to speak with one of our specialist Team today.

0161 914 5757

Wales Council for Voluntary Action Welcomes TeamKinetic’s Volunteer Management Software

We are pleased to announce our bi-lingual system for WCVA is very close to becoming live for volunteers. The new system will provide an integrated platform for volunteers, volunteer centres and opportunity providers to communicate and manage opportunities.

WCVA Screenshot

WCVA Volunteer Portal

Already the system is being populated with opportunities on a temporary domain so that when the system becomes available for volunteers in June they will have plenty of exciting options to chose from.  The system will be integrated on the same pre-existing volunteering all-Wales database previously used: .

Once a volunteer has followed the simple five-stage sign-up form, volunteers are able to start searching for opportunities straight away. These opportunities can be searched for by keywords, distance and interests.  Volunteers can also track their progress and development; as they are able to log hours, track opportunities joined and receive incentives through digital badges. Opportunities can also be shared on social media channels such as Twitter, helping to further amplify volunteer engagement.

Organisations have access to a range volunteer management tools including reports,  rotas and events planning, log hours on the behalf of volunteers and communication features. These tools help to reduce time spent on administrative tasks, so organisations can focus on supporting volunteers and identifying new opportunities.

Commenting on the use of the TeamKinetic Fiona Lidell, WCVA Volunteering Development Manager, said: ‘We are pleased to be able to offer a user-friendly and efficient platform to encourage and support volunteering in Wales. At the same time, we recognise that not everyone wants, or is comfortable with digital systems. That is why we will continue to offer a parallel face to face service through local volunteer centres’.

You can read a volunteer’s experience signing up and using the system here.

To find out more information on our TeamKinetic, please feel free to get in contact:


Phone:                                 0161 914 5757

For over ten years TeamKinetic has been developing innovative technological solutions for third sector organisations. We pride ourselves on our volunteer-centric approach and intuitive design.

Volunteer Management Software that WORKS.

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