Volunteers Week 2018 – 1st to the 7th June

Volunteers week is a great celebration of the effort and value volunteers provide.  But let’s not let it end here!  We need to keep on celebrating and thanking our volunteers, helpers, doers and anyone that makes it happen.

TeamKinetic shares 3 simple insights from its Volunteer Managment Software on how to say those two important words “thank you”

Tell your Volunteers what impact they have made.

Saying ‘thanks’ is a good start, but if you want to supercharge the impact of your thank you, look at how you can convey the difference that volunteer has made.

Now it’s not always possible to send out personalised messages to every volunteer, but you can quickly summerise what volunteers mean to your service or organisations and what has been achieved collectively.

Using TeamKinetic, many of our customers are able to send personalised, impactful thank you messages directly to Volunteers immediately after the volunteer has finished their work.  We have seen volunteers twice as likely to volunteer again when someone says thank you and takes the time to explain what a difference they made.

Put a little thought into your “Thank You”

Every volunteer manager knows they rely on superstar volunteers. The person who will turn up no matter what.  Where you have someone special, let them know. It does not have to be expensive or time-consuming, you just have to get a little creative.

If you’re not the creative type, why not look at some of the great ideas suggested by the Scouts.

TeamKinetic’s real-time reporting makes it super simple to know who your superstars are. It’s simple to see which individuals you simply could not live without from our Volunteer dashboards.

Be authentic, be consistent.

People can soon tell if the Thank you,  they receive is just an automated message, that is set to repeat.  Don’t be a robot!  Put some personality into your Thanks.

Having said that, there are some really useful messages that you can set to run automatically and can make your volunteer offer more consistent.   Wish your volunteer a happy Birthday, Tell them when they have been with you for a year or when they pass a milestone such as 100 hours volunteered.

TeamKinetic has been busy developing its milestones function.  This will make it even simpler to build up a range of fantastic, motivating and inspiring messages to keep your volunteers hooked on helping.

All that is left to say, is Thank You for reading, I hope it makes a difference to your volunteers and I look forward to hearing what works for you and your teams.

Happy Volunteers Week