TeamKinetic’s has always understood the importance of a positive volunteer experience. It is this understanding that has driven all of the development to be volunteer-centric, to ensure that both our clients and volunteers are happy.

We recently had the opportunity to discuss the experience of Dimitris Lampropoulos, a Football Coach who volunteers using Manchester Volunteer Inspire Programme (MCRVIP). MCRVIP is a programme which aims to recruit, train and deploy volunteers to support sport and physical activity within Manchester and uses the TeamKinetic system to do this. In the following case study, we share his experience using the system.

Dimitris Lampropoulos

First experience with TeamKinetic software

“Having previously volunteered, the process of registration and joining opportunities could be tedious. Every time I wanted to participate in an opportunity, I had to make a call to the organisation, see if they had any opportunities available and then find out how to participate in. This process could often be timely and was restricted in the number of opportunities I could find and access information on.

Using TeamKinetic’s system through MCRVIP, I found it to be very straightforward to use. It was a very convenient and useful way to find opportunities, with a much easier process to select and apply to volunteering opportunities. The registration process is very straightforward and it only took a couple of minutes to create a profile. Once this has been completed you are able to find opportunities, which can be viewed on the homepage or searched for using the search bar.

The process to apply to each role is simple. Duties, qualifications, location and contact details are included in the opportunity description, as well as the sessions and dates.  You can also share opportunities you have joined on social media, making it easier to involve my friends.

Once you have completed an opportunity you can leave feedback,  through a simple thumbs up or down and add a comment. You can also see the number of hours you have logged and sessions you have attended in your profile. If you complete a specific number of hours, you will gain badges to acknowledge your participation and thus you will have the opportunity to turn your logged hours into vouchers. Depending on the opportunity provider, this could be traded for a free t-shirt to a discount on coaching courses”

Experience and benefits of volunteering

“I am delighted with my volunteering role of MCRVIP. Through this position, I have the chance to be involved in Manchester football and also to be registered on Manchester Football Association. My volunteering has now grown beyond the pitch, as the founder of the charity I work for offered the opportunity to get involved in the administrative and development of the charity. This will help to continue my professional development and provide me with the knowledge and experience in the business of football and will help to strengthen my CV.

Overall, being a volunteer can be a very beneficial experience, not only does it provide a sense of fulfilment it can improve employment opportunities. As a volunteer, you build your network, create new connections and can discover new opportunities. It also shows that you are eager to build your experience and do something to help others.

TeamKinetic provided the most straightforward system for joining opportunities I have come across. I really like how intuitive the system is and the motivation the hour trade vouchers provide. I could see this system working for sports organisation, charities or any organisation that requires volunteers.

They really provide a simple to use the system and I will be sure to find other opportunities using MCRVIP”.

For further information on TeamKinetic’s volunteer management software please email or call 0161 914 5757.